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Kent Pallet & fork trucks

Great local customer support and value, unbeatable prices with great customer service, why don't you give us a call you will not be disappointed.

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Our Products

Great Value, Unbeatable Prices!

Safe handling is a key concern in every industrial and commercial environment.  We specialise in equipping business premises with a select range of material handling equipment, which have been designed to improve overall workplace safety, reducing the risk of injuries and helping boost productivity and operator comfort. We can supply all your handling equipment including pallet trucks, electric pallet trucks, pallet stackers and order pickers.


Hand Pallet trucks

Precise Performance

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Power Pallet Trucks, Lithium or Wet Cell

Feel the Power

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New Trucks

Everything you are looking for and more

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Long-Term or Short-Term hire

Covering both your short or long term needs

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Access Platforms

For any height requirements

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Operator Training

Accredited forklift training for drivers and operators of all types of lift truck and other industrial machinery

Want to see more? Check out our online catalogue and take a look at everything we have to offer.


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About Us

What We Do

Having worked in the forklift industry for nearly 30 years with the largest manufacturers, we needed a change and wanted to concentrate on building a good friendly reliable local business. We will go out of our way to give you the very best product, prices, advice and service, so that you can concentrate on getting your job done. When you order from Kent Pallet Trucks, you can rest assured that you are getting the very highest quality, and best value for your money. We guarantee you won’t need - or want - any other supplier!